On the job hunt

After a long 2010 season and the unfortunate folding of the Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team, I finished up my studies in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin - Madison in the fall of 2010.

Currently I am looking for full time employment in the bicycling industry and beyond using my engineering degree, with a particular emphasis on Product Development and Inside Sales.

Thank you to all my sponsors and mentors who helped me get to where I am today. And best of luck to all my teammates in the past, I wish you all the best in the cycling world and beyond.

-Ryan Baumann


Much to come


Bahati to race alongside Clarke and O'Neill

The Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team has announced a 15-rider roster for their debut season in 2010.

As part of the announcement, Team principal Rahsaan Bahati has confirmed that he will race as part of his newly formed team. Yesterday he had confirmed that he was still looking for a rider contract.

"I'm blessed to have a talented group of individuals who can deliver the message for the Bahati Foundation while winning races at a professional level," said Bahati.

"I’m truly excited to know my future is in the hands of people who are dedicated to the sport and want to give back to the communities that are lacking structure and resources."

Australia's Hilton Clarke will return to the US racing scene with Bahati after a year with ProTour squad Fuji-Servetto. Clarke's compatriot Nathan O'Neill has also been named in the team and will mark his comeback to racing after he completed a suspension for a positive drugs test last November.

The USA's Jason Donald will be the team's other former-ProTour recruit. He leaves Garmin-Slipstream after three seasons. Bahati's former-Rock Racing teammate Cesar Grajales has also been confirmed as part of the team's inaugural line up.

The full 2010 Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team roster is:

Rahsaan Bahati
Nathan O’Neill
Hilton Clarke
Jason Donald
Matt Rice
Cesar Grajales
Ryan Baumann
Corey Collier
Bobby Lea
Alex Hagman
Peter Carey
Phillip Mann
Evan Hyde
Ian Burnett
Lanell Rockmore


Congrats in order

Check out Cyclingnews article on Bjorn and Sam moving up to ProTour team Radioshack.

Along with Bjorn and Sam, congrats are in order to Matt Busche for making the lead to Radisoshack in one year. Cat 1 on IS Corps - Kelly Benefit Strategies Pro Team - Radioshack Pro Tour; all in one year. That's gotta be some kind of record. He's earned it as much as anyone, evidenced further by his throw-down at the Vuelta Chiwauwau this week - Results here.

Not sure what I'm up to in cycling yet...maybe the stars will align this week. I knew I had a poor season, results wise, with only 1 win in and no podiums at NRC. However, I'm still quite motivated for 2010.

I will be out of the U23 ranks - and therefore off the U23 Trek/Livestrong program - for 2010, which is dissapointing. The team has been instrumental in helping me develop into a complete racer this year. I truly appreicate the opportunity Axel gave me this season. I know I will capitalize on the experiences and growth this year and excel in future seasons.

In the meantime I'm uber busy trying to finish up this Mech Engineering degree at Madison. It's crushing my soul into little pieces lately - exactly the way the program was designed, I'm sure.

At least I will know some fairly interesting material by the semester's end. Today I'm working on evaluating the performace of a refirdigeration system in the Energy System laboratory. It's a mathmatical challenge, but for once, things seem to make sense. Perhaps the last 8 semesters are finally paying off? Find out soon enough.

Off to the Saris Gala Friday night for good times and looking for a cycling contract.



The Chequamegon show

Every midwest racer who has hit the mountain bike wants to win the Chequamegon 40 one day. Such a cool race set in northern Wisconsin can't be beat.

The 2009 edition was super dry, well groomed, and FAST. Coming from road racing all season long the hills don't seem so big anymore, but the trails are still difficult and you can put down as much hurt to yourself and the peloton as your legs can dish out.

The leadout was sketchy as usual with 1700 eager racers trying to get to Rosies Field first. Well, Cole House nabbed that honor for the second year in a row with the ATV motorpacing session after the neutral. I was comitted to staying in the front and not getting swarmed into Rosies Field because of the headwind on the road. I took it from way too far out, but I lead the peloton over Rosies about 10 second behind Cole.

After Rosies, I just kept a nice steady tempo about 80% and rode the front through the opening 5 miles of Birkie Trail. It was good to stay in the front, but prolly should have backed off even more as the miles to come were much more difficult.

After the first long dirt road on Phillips Fire Lane Road, Cole and B Matter punched it and I went with. Tilford, Mike Phillips, Chris Peariso, Jeff Hall, and my teammate Bjorn all made the lead split.

After that the lead group was made and Tilford, Phillips, and I traded pulls at the front. Cty Rd OO came and went, and I missed my bottle feed. Whoops.

Things pretty much stayed the same until the base of Firetower. I kept the pace steady at the front with the plan that if I faltered, Bjorn would take over on the climbs in the final Birkie Trail section. Coming into Firetower I could feel I was getting dehydrated and starting to cramp. Tilford took front wheel into firetower and I was 2nd.

Tilford and I gapped most of the crew up to the final pitch in Firetower, but I faltered over the top and Cole lauched past me right up to Tilford at the top. Eventually B Matter, me, and Bjorn made up the few second gap on the downhill and the race was on!

I told Bjorn to go....he tried, and cramped. I told myself to go...no way, I can't stand up right now without my legs involuntarily locking up! Oh man, there goes B Matter, Cole, Tilford responds too...that's all she wrote. It was all I could do to make it over the remainder of the Birkie, get into the chase group with Marko, Dewy, Olheiser, Bjorn, Tristan, and Hall and sprint for 4th.

I was fighting so many leg cramps going up to the finish bowl I didn't know what to think. Somehow I turned on the gas to get a gap before the descent, came down well...and blotched my sprint. I gave it what I had, but Marko took the best line in the uphill sprint and got me at the finish line. 5th place.

Congrats to a great win by B Matter and a really strong ride by Cole and Tilford.

I'll be back next year!


Chequamegon on the horizon

Lacking road races to do after the team nixed Tour of Missouri (various reasons)...

The focus has switched up to some mountain bike racing. I have the Trek Top Fuel 9.8 all set up, and I even got its feet wet at the Ripon College race this past Saturday at Mt Morris. I managed 2nd place even though I ran into some mechanical issues. A great day and a great venue to retun to the off road scene at. My teammate Dallas Fowler crashed, I hope he recoveres quickly to use his good form for Nationals and the 40.

The legs feel great and the technical skills, well, lets face it, they never existed! But I hope to acquire some new confidence in the bike over the next 2 weeks and be ready for the big show in two weeks.

Lake Geneva WORS weekend on tap, then off to the Telemark Lodge.

Gotta love September in Wisconi,



Racing has nothing to do with powerfiles

But I've been aiming for this one a long time so I'm gonna post it anyway. Its always been a personal goal to see that 4-0-0 watts on the computer for an hour.

This is the state TT course, a shade under 40km, ridden on my road bike. Fun course in the pouring rain! Had a blast but got beaten by Busche and Bean...by over 2 minutes each. I guess they make TT bikes for a reason?

Time was 53:40 according to the computer, although the results show 57:30. Not sure whats up there. Fun either way.

Tour of Utah on tap. Yeah. More altitude


NW Coast

Headed to Bend, OR early tomorrow...it's the first time I will visit the northwest coast and I'm excited. Trek/Livestrong has both the Cascade Cycling Classic and U23 Nationals on tap.

Let's get it on!



What happened to "blogging?"

Is blogging still "cool?" ---------------- Yes.

Am I going to blog anymore? ---------- Yes.

Where the hell have you been? -------- On the move.

Win any races yet? -------------------- I won a practice race. I called where the finish line was.

Next race? ---------------------------- Cascade Classic and U23 Nationals in Bend, OR July 21st.

How are the legs? --------------------- Feeling better!

Rest of the season? -------------------- Just thinking about Cascade and Nationals right now.

What happened mid season here? ------ Overtrained like a boss.

Why'd you do that? -------------------- I like pain and suffering. Love it.

Lesson learned? ------------------------ Recovery is the key. Always.

Who's gonna win the Tour? ------------- Ohhhh I think #8 is more than possible for Lance.

I'll be back,




Back in action after some ups and downs the previous three weeks.

Redlands was a wash after getting sick, then crashing into a car on the first road stage. Luckily I was not seriously injured, but my body was out of whack and I was unable to finish the race.

Life came at me quickly in the following week, where I flew back to Tucson, packed my things, and drove solo back to Wisconsin over the course of the next three days. Feeling really out of focus and just terrible all around, I went to see the doctor the week after my crash and found out my shoulder was separated and I had some horrid inflammation on the left side of my body.

Down but not out I began training again shortly after in Green Bay. Currently, I'm in back in Tucson staying at Curtis Zimmerman's place of the esteemed missingsaddle.com website. Starting to get some good feelings in the legs again before Tour of the Gila next week.

Life has been good the past two weeks, having good riding company with Rebecca Much of Team Webcor, joining in with Chad Beyer, Tyler Wren, and Dan Vallencourt for a few spins up the infamous Mt. Lemmon.

Trying not to sweat too much in the heat. Excited to get back to racing--



"Are you serious?"

5km into a 15km climb...cobbles!