Congrats in order

Check out Cyclingnews article on Bjorn and Sam moving up to ProTour team Radioshack.

Along with Bjorn and Sam, congrats are in order to Matt Busche for making the lead to Radisoshack in one year. Cat 1 on IS Corps - Kelly Benefit Strategies Pro Team - Radioshack Pro Tour; all in one year. That's gotta be some kind of record. He's earned it as much as anyone, evidenced further by his throw-down at the Vuelta Chiwauwau this week - Results here.

Not sure what I'm up to in cycling yet...maybe the stars will align this week. I knew I had a poor season, results wise, with only 1 win in and no podiums at NRC. However, I'm still quite motivated for 2010.

I will be out of the U23 ranks - and therefore off the U23 Trek/Livestrong program - for 2010, which is dissapointing. The team has been instrumental in helping me develop into a complete racer this year. I truly appreicate the opportunity Axel gave me this season. I know I will capitalize on the experiences and growth this year and excel in future seasons.

In the meantime I'm uber busy trying to finish up this Mech Engineering degree at Madison. It's crushing my soul into little pieces lately - exactly the way the program was designed, I'm sure.

At least I will know some fairly interesting material by the semester's end. Today I'm working on evaluating the performace of a refirdigeration system in the Energy System laboratory. It's a mathmatical challenge, but for once, things seem to make sense. Perhaps the last 8 semesters are finally paying off? Find out soon enough.

Off to the Saris Gala Friday night for good times and looking for a cycling contract.



Maria said...

Happy holidays to all your blog readers!

Kelli said...

Another enjoyable post to read.......thanks for sharing.