Racing has nothing to do with powerfiles

But I've been aiming for this one a long time so I'm gonna post it anyway. Its always been a personal goal to see that 4-0-0 watts on the computer for an hour.

This is the state TT course, a shade under 40km, ridden on my road bike. Fun course in the pouring rain! Had a blast but got beaten by Busche and Bean...by over 2 minutes each. I guess they make TT bikes for a reason?

Time was 53:40 according to the computer, although the results show 57:30. Not sure whats up there. Fun either way.

Tour of Utah on tap. Yeah. More altitude


Anonymous said...

400w average...nice. Would have figured 400 would have gotten you a faster time really. Some fast ones ahead of you for sure. But still, 400w is really good.

Ryan Baumann said...

Yeah merckx style really slows ya down!

Jon Chodroff said...

Well, he was jerking off to the powermeter during the entire time trial. 400 watts, ohhhhh, 400 watts, ohhh so good. Even, less aero.

Coming form me, this joke can't mean much.

Ryan Baumann said...

Dude! How did you know?

I miss blog comments. Let's see em people

Anonymous said...

Last time I check you had a nice TT bike? One of the "FASTEST" made. Perhaps you should of used it? or did they ban you from TT bikes? I say lets ban you from a power meter!OHHH did I just say that? God for bid that from ever happening.

Ryan Baumann said...

I was banned from the powertap one time...Spring Break 2006. Don't worry there was a cardboard replacement wheel.