Back in action after some ups and downs the previous three weeks.

Redlands was a wash after getting sick, then crashing into a car on the first road stage. Luckily I was not seriously injured, but my body was out of whack and I was unable to finish the race.

Life came at me quickly in the following week, where I flew back to Tucson, packed my things, and drove solo back to Wisconsin over the course of the next three days. Feeling really out of focus and just terrible all around, I went to see the doctor the week after my crash and found out my shoulder was separated and I had some horrid inflammation on the left side of my body.

Down but not out I began training again shortly after in Green Bay. Currently, I'm in back in Tucson staying at Curtis Zimmerman's place of the esteemed missingsaddle.com website. Starting to get some good feelings in the legs again before Tour of the Gila next week.

Life has been good the past two weeks, having good riding company with Rebecca Much of Team Webcor, joining in with Chad Beyer, Tyler Wren, and Dan Vallencourt for a few spins up the infamous Mt. Lemmon.

Trying not to sweat too much in the heat. Excited to get back to racing--



TheBrothersChase said...

hope all is well. if you want a riding partner from the midwest let me know...

From the UP

Ben Raby said...

whad up kid. See you at Gila?... Hey how about updating your header pic, since that was the last time I saw you 2 years ago at TOV.. good luck a the races.