What happened to "blogging?"

Is blogging still "cool?" ---------------- Yes.

Am I going to blog anymore? ---------- Yes.

Where the hell have you been? -------- On the move.

Win any races yet? -------------------- I won a practice race. I called where the finish line was.

Next race? ---------------------------- Cascade Classic and U23 Nationals in Bend, OR July 21st.

How are the legs? --------------------- Feeling better!

Rest of the season? -------------------- Just thinking about Cascade and Nationals right now.

What happened mid season here? ------ Overtrained like a boss.

Why'd you do that? -------------------- I like pain and suffering. Love it.

Lesson learned? ------------------------ Recovery is the key. Always.

Who's gonna win the Tour? ------------- Ohhhh I think #8 is more than possible for Lance.

I'll be back,



Andy said...

Glad to see you're still alive and kickin!

Craig said...

good to have you back, boss.