I can't belive I'm ridiculed for NOT doing this

So it seems the newest fad is to post all your power numbers on your personal website.

Greg and Cole both know I'm totally hip on all the new fads. Here goes:

5 second squirrels: Jon Chodroff < Alex Sharon < me < Freshie Steve Scholzen < J Puffer

5 minute squirrels: Jon Chodroff <= me <= Freshie Steve Scholzen <= Jon Meyers < Fabian Cancellara

1 hour squirrels: everyone < Jon Chodroff <= Jon Meyers < Big Miguel Indurain

Summed up: I am medium. Hope that settles everything. I hate fads. But I do like Coke Zero and walnuts.

Just saying,



Jon said...

Yea, As you can see, I have not updated my blog in awhile. I'm gonna be posting the numbers less. However, if after these micro-intervals today I break the 429 peak 30' power I hit two weeks ago, its going on the blog. That and if I break 1000 watts again. Again, if ever? Redlands? Team bikes are finally being shipped to me both road and TT. Sweet!

Jon said...

You should put a cat. 4 woman after me in the 5 second power

Ryan Baumann said...

That, my friend, is the best idea I've heard all morning. It has to be done!