Ready to Race

The new steed arrived:

And team U25 Devo has been accepted as the only composite team to race at Redlands 2008.

Time for a midterm,



Jon said...

Nice. I was taking my "dumb" rings off a couple days ago and was lowering my front deraillour clamp for the normal rings. Nice big old crack where the clamp was. Hope its safe to race this weekend. Team bike will be here next week?
No more q rings. Did a peak 20' power on normal rings first day out. Good enough for me.
U coming this weekend?

Ryan Baumann said...

Dude I can't find a ride, should I just ride my bike down there again tomorrow?

Q rings suck, good call on that one. They even caused you to break your frame!

Gregg said...

I know that steerer tube is getting cut, right?