What's Hot


1) Messenger Bags
2) Solo rides from city to city
3) Jon Chodroff's VO2 max
4) Riding with Missingsaddle.com genius Skiles Keith
5) 13000 KJ weekends
6) Coffee shops in Fountain Hills


1) 1 km crits
2) Paris-Nice gibber-jabber
3) Saddle sores
4) Mid terms (yes I'm still in school)
5) San Dimas SR registration filled
6) Phil "the thrill" skipping out on some sweet riding with me this week


R.Knapp said...

13,000KJ?!? Damn son!

Ryan Baumann said...

Yeah, but skip the 6000 KJ days, they're overrated.

cody said...

you mean fri-sun right?

Ryan Baumann said...

Yeah Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Sarah Lukas said...

yea, skiles used to go to school here

BVDG said...

bra - you cant leave your HRM strap on when your having a wank, doesnt count as training ;) I just rolled into tucson, im out west of town 20m down ajo way, lets do some trainin! seen the wisco mafia yet?

Anonymous said...