Stage 5, plus pictures

Stage 5--Crashes all over the place today on the first of 8 laps of this fairly clean circuit. I managed to keep myself in good position and make the lead group of 40 guys after 1 hour of racing. It was pretty sweet, Holloway, Spencer, Barton, and I all made the group. We started rolling with attacks as the race progressed, and eventually it ended up with my three teammates up the road in the breakaway, and me in a small chase group of 10 guys one minute down. That was how things finished up today.

So we're now sitting 3rd on team GC, let's hope we don't screw things up tomorrow!

The rest of this blog should be the pictures I know I've missed posting the past couple of weeks. Here goes:

Liege, after Stage 5
The crew in action, Alex the sogunier on the left, Alex Boyd center, Noel by the car on the right.

Back in PA at Nationals....dinner is a special treat with these two hoolagins.
Me kind of looking like a toolbag on the bike path near Izegem.

Kip calls the girlfriend in the parking lot....dirty cham and all.

A nice ride before the Tour Alsace

To climb or not to climb?

Brandt at the team house

I don't know if Bjorn is excited to see me, or Brandt is scaring him speechless. The food was good at Liege at lest, but the boarding school....not the hottest night time quarters.

Chad and Sheldon after Liege stage 5


Anonymous said...

Finally, some pictures! It's nice to see you in your spiderman kit.

Anonymous said...

whos whereing leg warmers on a hot day??

Ryan Baumann said...

Belgian logic, always keep the arms, legs, and head covered even if you're sweating.

Anonymous said...

Cute shades! Looks like your buzz cut is growing out.

Sarah Lukas said...

Aw Kipper

Liz O said...

Well, going by the pictures... ABD's soigneur is more cute ;)

But i am sure you would have plenty of tips to bring back to her!

Ryan Baumann said...

Liz, you have no idea...