Smells like frites

Antwerp ended on a high note, with all of the team finishing in the front group of the peloton after 190 km of flat, windy, cobbled roads. Chris made the final split 3 km from the finish and finished in 6th place on the stage, and 10th on overall GC. We kept our 3rd place on team GC too, which is quite nice!

I had one of those good days today...I chased down a bunch of attacks and kept things together during the hard parts of the race. I kept sitting up for a moment and thinking I need to recover--but the legs kept working, kept chasing all day long. It was a good feeling!

Cobbles suck. I am not good at them, and they are so freaking rough, it's crazy. Maybe that was just due to the rain on the finishing circuits with cobbles though.

Time to rest up and explore Belgium for the next week before learning what the next race will be.

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