Actually riding well???

Well things have gone better than expected yet so far. Other than the pouring rain all day on Thursday, the legs have not felt like complete ass and the I seem to be shaking this cold a bit.

Stage 1--Prolouge, 4.5 km. I had decent legs, but not quite the balls to corner at breakneck speed through wet cobbled corners. 25th place with a 6 min 2 second ride.

Stage 2--145 km stage. A break of 7 got away, and we missed it! I helped the chase a bit to bring things back for Holloway, but we didn't catch it in time. In the field sprint for 8th I didn't really lay my life on the line, so I rolled in with the remaining pack.

Stage 3--90 km stage. Crashes galore today, geez. After the stage every guy on the team thought they had caused at least one crash, when in reality, everyone was just riding sketchy. I rolled with many attacks yesterday, keeping a close eye on the Lithuainian team. Nothing stuck, so it was another blotched field sprint by yours truly.

Stage 4--4th place!!!!! We had a solid TTT today, and everything actually clicked. It was sweet to finally get things right. I was stoked ride on such a strong and smooth team. Guy and Chris pulled like 50 seconds each time, while I worked on just keeping their pace at the front! Either way, something went right and Noel was happy with our ride. That means we did very well.

Going into the last two stages here we have 5 guys 18-22nd on GC. Let's keep it rollin:


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