Koffie, Crepes, and Inglemunsters

I apologize for the sub-par blogging. I even promised that I would update frequently from Belgium since I'd have "so much free time...". Whew, those where the days--

While I'd like to recount the past week filled with exciting sounds, sights, racing, and adventures, the truth is that I've been too cooked to do much other than spin easy, drink coffee, watch movies, and chill out at the house. Yeah, I know. Boring. More exciting than mundane USA life? Perhaps. I did take a train to Roselare the other day to do some "shopping." I say shopping in the most unassuming tone possible, given that my version of shopping is more browsing, never buying, to pass the time.

I'm trying to learn some Dutch while I'm here. You know, since it's such a useful language across the globe! It's a hard language to speak, and yet so far, my mastery of the subject lies only in the frequently repeated phrases from TV commercials. Zo metten, op fei divir--

So as for racing? I've had some nice time off since the Tour of Antwerp last week. It's nice to have a good break here after all the nonstop racing action the past month. Unfortunately, the team house is a tid bit packed with juniors, soguniers, mechanics, and fellow espior riders to really chill out and recover much.

I did a kermesse on Saturday, a pretty big one with 130 riders and some big money. The course was hard--the only hilly kermesse around. Almost all races here in Flanders, Belgium are flat and windy, so this was a big change from the norm. Anyways, the race was hard as usual! Things went okay, the team did well with Chad snagging an awesome 3rd place. A trophy for the day's efforts, plus an actual podium! Combined with the payout to 50th place and we were a happy team.

Port Ocean, a 2.12 race in Brittany, France, is next on the agenda. Finally, a 1.12 the following Wednesday called Oudenburg, and it's back Stateside for the B-meister.


Anonymous said...

Nice to hear from you again, hang in there!

Shawn Hauser said...

You are still alive, so what did you get me on the shopping trip!