You heard it here first

Going to get my ass kicked in Eurotown in a week.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself and ask, "You want to do this???"

To that I reply: "Self--if there is one thing you need to understand, it is this--pain is temporary. It can only drive you to a slow and painful death."

Works on the self-esteem every time.

Oh yeah--Fresh is going to win State Crits tomorrow, House will win U23 Nationals crit, and I'm going to hang onto the seat of my pants through it all and take a plane trip across the pond.

That's it for the crystal ball today.



Anonymous said...

Don't be modest, you're going to show those Belgians how to make a waffle! Keep saying, I earned this, I deserve it, and it's going to rock!

kratzy_karl said...

thats the safe bet about tomorrow.... good luck in Europa