Someone told me to say "gangsta rap"

So--yeah, I admit, the past week has been shitty. Yes, shitty is a verb.

1) My apartment is so HOTTTTTTTT...and humid. Ugh.
2) Packed up all my stuff so the mums and pops can move me out while across the pond this summer
3) Ande' en bicicleta a lo menos tres veces
4) Cole House told me I have "fatty legs". Then I told Mitch he has "girl legs" and we were even.
5) 98 degrees and 98% humidity = B-E-A-Utiful weather to take a spin. Don't forget the hydropack. Yes, it's in style again. Bobby Julich is sportin' the goods again--

Bobby J, totally in style as usual

6) Took a nice drive to Seven Springs, PA. It's totally kickass here, there are hills and hills and hills. It is tambien B-E-A-Utiful.

7) Rode the road race course. Not so beautiful....long climb to the finish! AHHHH!

8) Hmmm...did some traffic dodging on the TT bike. Pretended to be Fabian Cancellara for a while. Freshie Steve messed with some sketchey adjustable stem on his borrowed TT bike. I told him it's safe as long as it doesn't wobble more than 3cm side to side......

Attacking on cobbles, also totally in style Fabian

It's going to pour rain now, time for a good ride? Wash away the pain with a good old cleansing rainy ride. Thursday is pain, Friday is solo pain, and Saturday is plane travel. Nice. Give me some coffee and the VS channel, it's time to kick back and let life go full tilt.

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