Pretty exciting stuff today with another state championship on the line.

ABD went into the IL crit champs today sitting in a good position for the overall omnium win at Proctor after Carter's 3rd place sprint in the road race. We just wanted to be aggressive and make every move all race long, with the plan for a sprint victory with Carter if a breakaway didn't succeed.

Today--I went good and hard. Jeff and I covered some early moves before Carter got away in a nice breakaway of 6 riders after about 20 minutes of racing. With Josh feeling strong and in a good position to win a breakaway sprint, ABD just sat on moves the rest of the day as the lead breakaway got more and more time on the field. The field kind of got blown to pieces by the end of the race due to the number of strong teams there. I was hurting knarly style and all around 1 hour into the crit, but that voice in my head told me to get er' done in case things reshuffled near the end of the race.

Turns out things did reschuffle--Carter stayed away, but Jeff got in a 7 man move with 6 laps to go. Another chase group formed shortly thereafter, and I bridged to it with the help of Kippers with 2 remaining. Luckily the others were kind of gassed at that point, so I sprinted it out of my chase group for some more team cash.

It was a great day all around, although Josh missed out on the win due to a late attack he didn't quite pull back in the sprint. Next time, we'll be aiming to put 2 guys in the breakaway to keep things running smoother. Results were Carter snagging 1st in the omnium and 2nd on the day, with Jeff in 11th, me in 15th, and Bret rolling with the field.

Next up...some rest and recovery. Then Nationals. Then hell. Exciting stuff to come.

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