Not so nice

Obviously I need some more hard races in my legs to rip it up here at U23 Nationals! I don't understand, why don't 1 hour midwest crits prepare me for selective road races and TT's? This question baffles me.

U23 road race....felt great the first two laps and made the front group. The climbs leading up to the finish at Seven Springs were real hard, steep and 5-7 minutes, causing massive PAIN CAVE status on the mental front. On the third lap I just blew up, no excuses. Bye bye, roll in easy to finish the race in 50th. Switters and I had a nice chat in the grupetto on the last lap, it was swell.

U23 TT....bad day on the bike, but I gave it my all. That was just all that I had today. I was kind of gunning for this event for a while now, but ever since I got sick at Nature Valley I just haven't been able to really get the TT power up there well at all. I blew the turnarounds pretty poorly and nailed the rumble strips on the highway a couple times--just to keep things interesting, ya know? Finished 37th with a 32:13:00 time. Oh swell. 2 more years U23 to kick the legs into some better racing shape.

Time to travel--24 hours from now I should be sitting in Belgium eating Nutella without hydrogenated oils and white bread.

Keep it real at Stuperweek all you midwest home dawgs--


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Go Baumann! Show that Eurotrash how Americans ride!