I'm sitting over in Izegem, Belgium right now...and it's quite the experience. The National team has some great support between the directors Johan and Noel, the multiple mechanics and sogniers, as well as the cooks and housekeepers. I mean, I have to do the dishes, but other than that it is ridin' and chillin' pretty much all day long.

That is--

Until we race!

So far in Eurotown--

1) Got lost riding
2) Almost hit 12 cars in a roundabout
3) Been reminded of the similarity of landscape to Green Bay, Wisconsin about 217,938 times
4) Screwed up every word in Flemish I've tried to speak
5) Tweaked up some new bikes, Specialized Tarmacs and Transitions
6) Watched the Tour on Eurosport TV, in English, live, with no commercials, start to finish 5 hours
7) 1 massage
8) 2 nasty cobble roads ridden
9) 1 jar of Nutella bought
10) Museli is everywhere! And--I like it more than oatmeal!

The Tour of Liege, UCI 2.12, starts on Wednesday. The sogniers say that it is a really hard race with lots of steep climbs. Should be fun to hang on for dear life for a while--

I'd say goodbye in Flemish, if I actually knew what the word was...


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