Off to Liege

6 stages of racing in Liege, back by next Monday.

Also, Blogger is now in Flemish and I can't get it to change back to English????


Anonymous said...

It shows up in english here! Go hard!

Shawn Hauser said...

Keep the updates coming, good reading for us over here, besides Cole sucks at keeping his blog updated. Remember I wear size XL.

ynoga said...

Hey there ---

Good to see you are having fun in Liege. If you take the A26 south to Bastogne and then hook up with N4 it will take you staight into my home town of Arlon. Great little place as well Leige. Keep in mind they go hard over there but they always slow down for corners, but never slow down for hills. The thinking is, if you do it in the big ring you will simply be done with it sooner.

And do not let any of them make fun of you for leaving the nice paved roads in usa to go and race on the crappy roads of belgium.

bonne chance, eaon

Sarah Lukas said...

Um...pretty much I want pictures. hah. Have fun over there