Super slow bike racing

IL state road race champs was today.

As I usually end up doing, I went with the early break with Stevie Scholzen to take the pressure off the rest of the team. I had about 20 minutes of good goin' hard effort in my body today, and I blew it all on the first lap with a 2-man early breakaway! Oh well. We stayed off for a while, then things came back together.

Survival mode turned on. I was thinking of how much I really want to take a nap for most of the rest of the race.

Somehow with 20 miles or so to go, I felt good again and helped get Josh out of the wind before the sprint. It ended up in a field sprint as expected, where ABD set up Carter for a solid 3rd place finish. Mr. House jumped it early and took another nice win this year.

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