The land of pee oria

....I haven't touched a bike since last Friday. I wonder how Proctor is going to feel this weekend?

There's even a TT to show just how much form I've lost!

Awesome. I've decided that my blog is contagious. So if you are reading this, you're pretty much screwed. Direct your hate mail to the Nature Valley Plague Epidemic, INC located in the Twin Cities, Cannon Falls, Mankato, and Stillwater, Minnesota.

Nature Valley TT last weekend, still plagued by the same cold I'm fighting now.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, wonder why all the bike racers get those bad colds in the summer????????????

Anonymous said...

Ryan, Don't forget to wear those bright blue crocs at Proctor, noone can beat you in those puppies! Alex is calling his disease "baumanns"-can you get naming rights for that?

Ryan Baumann said...

Man, I don't know if that cold is a blessing, I got 8th in the TT last night.

But who knows, maybe thats better than i would have raced without the cold???