The black lung

I felt it coming on all week long........the tickle in the throat, the dry dehydrated feeling, and the headaches and body aches.

Finally on Friday night, bam! I'm coughing like hell and bound for the sidelines. I finished stage 4 so ABD could still get a car in the caravan on Saturday' s road race stage 5, but me and my body were finished.

Sunday I know I made the right decision here, sitting in bed hacking up a lung.

But who cares about me--GO SUGAR GLYDAR! That's Alex Sharon for the mis, un, or otherwise mal-informed.


matt brandt said...

Sorry bro about ya getting sick way to stay tough though. I caught the same thing the night before still water.

Ryan Baumann said...

Congrats on your ride though, despite the cold you finished strong!

I'm still on the couch after several days of this cold...make sure to take some time off and get better.

Alexander Sharon said...

damnit now i'm sick too

Ryan Baumann said...

My blog is contagious???