Unoffical fan club

Despite the lack of updates, this is my unoffical fan site from now on:


The creator is both imaginative and jovial--I like the combination. Keep it commin' bro.

I've had about 2 hours to actually sit down and relax so far this week. I may to put "chilling out" on the top of my list of favorite things to do from now on. It's just so stress free. I'm going to set up a mandatory schedule of "chill out" time from now on, so I can stay more relaxed during long school days--let's say every two hours, stare out the window for 10-15 minutes. I can't think of a better reason to waste time than staring lifelessly out a window. It's so relaxing.

On that note, maybe I should take up a profession in voyeurism. I might have a more suitable attention span for that.

I discovered one or two more pictures from ToV that interested me...

Podium...girls? I guess it is the best YOUNG rider's jersey after all!

Nothing like the pain of a solo bridge.

Baraboo road race this weekend. Coffee ride Friday, noon at the arb. Don't miss the action--


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Dirk Diggler said...

'Chilling out'? Why not chillax. Its way better than chilling out. That should be your #1 interest.