Back in twenty minutes

Nothing like switching every bike you own up the week before the main event!

The switching bike thing aside, it's pretty cool that we get bikes from Schwinn. A huge thanks goes out to Pacific Cycle for hooking up the UW Madison cycling team with bikes for Nationals. We are honesty the only collegiate team I know of that gets such a deal. Very cool.

Baraboo Road Race was Saturday, fun stuff WCA road racing and all. Nothing really happened, kind of a boring race if you ask me! Too much wind to really get away, and too few racers to really get the race going hard. So it ended up with a selection of nine riders at the finish, I led it out real early trying to catch Freshie off guard...surprise, he came around me at the finish line. Not to bad though, it's good to see Steve win again, and going 1-2 on the day is not a bad compromise.

Congrats goes out to Nick Reistad as well for his kickass 2nd place at the Tour of the Gila stage 3. Unfortunately a skinny climber dude beat him out....oh yeah, that Tom Peterson kid. Nice ride Nick.


Anonymous said...

White tape deserves a white saddle..cipo it out bro.

Ryan Baumann said...

I dream of an all White SI Flite saddle every day.

ynoga said...

Nice "head badge"!!! What are the jumper cables for???? Getting massive power from your legs to the drivetrain???? Or are you going to try and hook them up to 'Fresh' when he is not looking to get a boost????