Just say no

Steve at the front of the crit

Bridging up to the early break

My turn to bridge

Midwest riders are agressive

Bad luck in the crit as well, Steve unfortunately crashed with 3 laps to go. And that's that.

Now it's time to get my knee back down to normal size after a nice cartwheel crash during the race.

Wheels on Willy this weekend? We'll see.


Anonymous said...

dude, ice, ice, baby

TSK said...

A bit of a frustrating weekend...

Remember kids:

Life's a bitch. Be it's pimp.

Ryan Baumann said...

If life could be simplified to bitches and pimps, I'd call you a saint. Not that I actually consider TSK anything but a saint.

jaco said...

Didn't you have homework or anything like an exam this week like the rest of us mere mortals?
John is a tall pimp... just thought i'd put that out there....

Ryan Baumann said...

Exams are so last week, even if I just finished the last one an hour ago.

And I second the tall pimp. Very tall, I might add.