Back to basics

I'd like to take a good week or two out of the race schedule here soon and just do a good block of training. Just some good solid riding to get the legs back before big event like NVGP and Nationals. I'm thinking the first 2 weeks in June. Anyone interested?

Leeland Road Race was today--and I must admit I was impressed! I hope WCA starts to have more challenging road races like the race today. The climb wasn't huge by any means, but it took a solid 6 minutes of all out effort to get over. And in WI terms, that's enough to blow any WCA P/1/2 field apart.

On the first lap I bridged on the climb up to Crater and Dirking who attacked from the gun. We kind of motored it from there for a lap, but things never really jelled all the well. After one lap a selection of 10 riders bridged up to us, and that was the race. Things were pretty chill for the next 3 laps, just keeping the attacks in check and going at a good clip on the climb each lap. Then on the final lap, Dickey of Mercy Cycling, one Bianchi GP rider, Kip, John, and I crested the climb with a good gap on the rest of the remaining field. Dickey and the GP guy got about 10 seconds on Kip, John, and I--and we just couldn't close the gap! It was kind of frustrating to see the race ride away from you when it's that close, but it just wasn't meant to be. We came to the finish in a 3-up sprint for third, with Jon taking the 3rd place honors, me in 4th, and Kip in 5th.

Good fun, time for some Wheels on Willy action tomorrow. Should be a good time, be sure to come and watch if you are in town. 4:30pm is the start of the P/1/2 race.