Coffee ride

Took a nice spin to the coffee shop with Jon Cook this afternoon, it's good to spin the legs out a bit.

Nothing like the open...bike path. And riding in shorts. Classy.

My point of view

The bike's point of view. Serfas shades, they're actually starting to grow on me.

A bit of a change of schedule this weekend--I'm refocusing on collegiate nationals here, so I'll be down at the ABD team camp all day Friday. Then it's off to Indiana for some collegiate racing, a crit at Marian, followed by a circuit race and TTT at Purdue. Can Freshie notch another win...?


Anonymous said...

You might want to reconsider Indianna, snowstorm AGAIN

Ryan Baumann said...

You should see Madison right now....time to go for a ride, in the middle of April, with 6'' of fresh white stuff on the ground.

The midwest. Life as we know it.