ABD camp, Marian slip n slide, Purde boardwalk

Derek, myself in a skinsuit during a road race, Kyle, and Greg in the winning break on Sunday.

This is Fresh going, like, hard.
Corey "sexy time" Behrns with the white trim suit.

1st lap of the race, Gavic and Bennett attacking the hell out of the climb. This happened right after Fresh announced he would "push anyone who attacked on the first climb into the ditch."

Derek, me, Casey, and Freshie in the final four in Saturday's icy crit at Marian.

The dude in the maroon sweatshirt was totally cheering Steve and I on.

The results?

40 minute raining/hailing/snowing/icing over Marian crit:

Steve Scholzen takes the win, I round out the podium in 3rd.

32 mile bust-my-balls circuit race:

I lost.

2nd place behind Greg Christan of Michigan state in a 2-up attack-fest on the last lap. The better man won, congrats to Greg for a very enjoyable race with the best competition out there.

Also, Friday's one night stand at the ABD team training camp was very nice. Nothing like getting to ride hard with all the teammates and talk about eating food and winning races. A big thanks goes out to the ABD club for getting us the funding for the training camp, it's a huge factor in our success as a team this season.

Time to rest up for collegiate at Sheboygan this next weekend, followed closely by Tour of Virginia.


kyle j said...

that second to last pic is loberg not casey...
TTT is on at regionals... We are considering aero equipment... But that means long nights on the corner.
nice racing.

Anonymous said...

luckily Kyle doesn't have a gag reflex, so we can charge a bit more for his services.

Ryan Baumann said...

I've heard that "do you have a gag reflex" line works real well with the ladies. Any success Kyle?

Anonymous said...

come on baumann; i ride for LAX, not MKE.


Ryan Baumann said...

MKE could be LAX anytime, anyday.

Especially if you're dyslexic like me.