Impressive views!

So Saturday I raced the Hillsboro Roubaix road race in IL. Not going to lie, I raced it like a collegiate road race--big mistake. But I learned a lot, and it gave me the smack in the face I needed to race smart, not just hard.

Fast forward a bit.

This past week has been the UW team training camp in Western North Carolina. Freshie, me, Jordan & the IS Corps crew, as well as strongman Corey, master of the black arts Dave, and the always persistent Holecko have been hammering out the miles here in the mountains. KOM on every climb we can, paceline action for 5-7 hours a day...ignorance is bliss. The bike racer lifestyle is easy. Really. Ride your bike hard each day and rest and eat as much as possible otherwise. Recipe for success? We'll find out.

It's back to reality on Sunday, where the week will be spent prepping for the ABD team training camp next weekend in IL. Perhaps we'll top off the camp with a race at the GDVC crit in Madison on Sunday. The team is great this year, I can't wait to race again and get some fun time in the saddle.

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