Above ground

Today is the first day in too long that the temperature is going to break freezing!

The past couple of days have been outside on the bike, since--c'mon people--the rollers have been shelved for the season other than recovery or warmup rides. I can't get any serious work done on those buggers any more for a while.

I compare riding on the rollers to eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches everyday for lunch. At first it's great, because its so easy, it only takes 1 minute to make. And it even tastes good, just like the rollers are super effective for doing intervals! Then the second week you start running out of jelly, and the peanut butter begins to stick to your mouth and you have to wash it down with tons of water just to open your jaws again--but your mind just goes numb and ignores this fact. On the rollers, same thing, the mind just somehow goes beyond the concept of going nowhere fast. Finally, after the third week straight of PB & J, you come to the realization that peanut butter is disgusting, not to mention the slob of jelly you slap on top of it every day! You can barely even stomach the thing, but you do. It takes a ton of effort just to look at the thing anymore.

That's pretty much where me and the rollers stand right now. I'm not yet at the point of projectile vomiting as soon as they come into sight, but let's he honest....One more jar of PB & J is going to put them over the top, and it's all going to come out. Literally.

12:30pm at the arb today, rid'em bicycles outdoors y'all.


alex said...

I can eat PB and Js every day my friend. Guess that's why my rollers have most certainly not been shelved...not until it breaks 50.

Ryan Baumann said...

Glad its a long season Alex, otherwise you may not ride outdoors till April!