Weekend recap

Mechanics of materials exam tomorrow, so only time for a quick update:

Saturday's road race went well! Fred and I ended up in the final break of seven riders....Fred attacked and got away with Josh Tarrant of Western Michigan with 1/2 lap to go. I sat on the rest of the breakaway riders, Fred fought it out and got 2nd, I took the sprint for 3rd. Back in the peloton, Freshie took the field sprint for 8th with a leadout from Waite, and Dallas scored 10th.

Sunday's time trial was a clusterfuck due to some bad organization and lack of communication...cumulating in me having a grand 10 minute warm up for the TT. Needless to say the legs were in pain, but not all was lost--I still managed to sneak out 2nd place behind Tarrant yet again. Josh was very strong this weekend, congrats on the great riding!

More to come,



Hauser said...

I heard the Taurus gave you a great leadout to Missouri?

Ryan Baumann said...

Yeah, I kept telling it to go but it's legs were totally gone!

Unfortunately shes in the dumpster now, for better or for worse.

Joshua Tarrant said...

Good racing this weekend, You guys Wisco boys have the strongest team in the conference, it will be tough battling you guys this year, but should be fun. See you in Michigan.


kyle j said...

obviously if you had a larger gear on the front you would have won both days... Count me in for the worlds ride next week....

Ryan Baumann said...

Damn Kyle, do they get any bigger? I hope so, poseur points could go through the roof as the gear approaches 60t!

World's next week, sure. Hopefully the weather stays nice.

Joshua Tarrant said...

If you any of your teammate got any pics from the from the weekend with me in them could you send them my way, none of my guys brought their cameras. My email is joshmtb29@yahoo.com
thanks man.


Ryan Baumann said...

If Geo finally gets some pictures downloaded, I'll email them to you.