Not so much

The past weekend was full of fun, but unfortunately the whole "racing" thing never happened. It's March in the midwest, and the weather certainly does not seem to like us right now. Snow and bike racing don't mix to well, surprise!

There was a race on Sunday, sometime after we left, later on in the day. The crit course was covered in snow at the starting time this morning, so our car and 15 others on the team bailed out. Those who stayed did get to enjoy a shortened crit race, culminating with another good performance from Fresh, placing a solid 3rd yet again.

I give him two more race weekends to eek out a win. At the most, 2 more weekends. Nice race Steve!

I got back in time to hammer out 3.5 hours outside Madtown, a good consolation prize for the day. Unfortunate weather this weekend, but a sweet time trial and road race in Columbia, MO next weekend. Hopefully the U-W can put down the "W" once or twice, here goes nothing...

The road on the way to Indiana was scattered with the casualties of last weekend's storm:
Amanda manned the driver's seat, while Fred "mullet" Jacobsen took shotgun. A good one liner this weekend thanks to Fred: "Amanda, if you ever need to switch drivers, let me know--I'll tell Yvonne to drive."

Yvonne and I held down the fort in the back seat...of the 2 door vehicle. Not exactly plush leg room here!

Back at the hotel after the 1st canceled race, bikes were stored in the hallways. Bikers and hotels don't like each other much, I can't figure out why?

Chuck and Majia rock the rollers in one of the rooms...in the exact location Mr. Jon Cook slept that evening. Hope it smelled as good as it looks down there, Jon.

Dallas shows off to impress Fred's mullet, all the while Fresh is focused on tomorrow's race, nailing the drops-position track stand in hotel hallway as usual.


Anonymous said...

Time to update this puppy, let's see some real race photos! Call your mother, eat your vegetables, study hard, and clean your bathroom.

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