So...the very fact that I am writing this now means the trip to Kentucky was nixed. A certain someone ditched out on the trip a day before departure, suggesting that I should make the 6.5 hour drive myself for a 20 degree race. So that went out the window.

So as I sat here, staring at all the new ABD team gear I picked up last night at Prairie Path Cycles in Winfield IL, I became extremely frustrated with the weather! It was supposed to get warmer this week....but alas, there will be at least 7-9 more days of cold below 15 degree days.

So in another attempt to save the mind and flip mother nature the bird, I jumped on the trainer this morning for a solid 2 hour LT session. You should try this session, it makes the hours on the trainer go by much quicker! Start out with a 30 min easy warmup, with 2x1 min hard efforts. After that, move on to 3x8 min LT intervals, going at your100% 10km TT pace (15 min TT pace), with 8 min of recovery between each. Afterwads, spin for 10 min easy and then move onto a 20 min low-LT interval where you vary your cadence every 2 min. I like to do 105+ RPM for 2 min and then 75-80 rpm for 2 min to really work the legs.

Viola! Two hours gone.

Time to wash up...and try to brave the outdoors for an hour or two. Will I come back alive? That has yet to be seen.


Anonymous said...

Hey, the temperture is supposed to go up to 37 tommorow here (KY) but then again that depends a bit on where in the state you're going.

I've been following your jounry a bit inadvertently here. My brother's name is also Ryan Baumann and I've set up a Google News alert for family members (amongst other people) and it often sends me links to your blog. I'm not big into cycling but it's been pretty interesting. :)


Ryan Baumann said...

Very cool--a certain someone usually google's my name often as well, and probably ready stories about your brother!

I wish I were in Kentucky now, but at the same time, it's nice not to have to drive 8 hours home this evening.

Thanks for reading,