Coming to Life

Everything is starting to come together for the racing season.

On the bike front, I have this sweet Trek Madone 5.2SL sitting in my apartment right now--I promise, pictures will come soon. I even rode it outside this weekend (ahem...followed by a comprehensive cleaning job both days!) Anyways, it's candy red and very hot. Very flashy for a Trek bike, it rides sweet and feels very stiff and responsive, just like the Schwinn Fastback.

On top of the new bike, I have these sweet WHITE Sidi limited edition shoes.They feel absolutely wonderful on the feet, and not to mention....they are white! Of course they are great shoes.

Alas--the first race of the season will not be collegiate for me. It turns out ABD is going to have a great training and racing camp down in St. Louis, MO at Josh Carter's place. As excited as I am about collegiate season, I can't pass up the opportunity to get to race and train with my teamates for 3 days. So, my first official MWCCC race will be Mizzou the first weekend of March. UW is still going to kick some ass, as Freddy, Freshie, Waite, Corey, Dallas, and Bean all plan to show up--So Milwaukee/Marian/IU, don't let your guard down...

Some cool new sites I've found: The Broadband Racer. Time Development Team. Check it out, keep it real, and help me prepare for painful intervals on the trainer tomorrow!


TSK said...

"So Milwaukee/Marian/IU, don't let your guard down..."

I'm glad you aren't worried about us kiddies at the U of I.

Sleeper effect, bitch.

Ryan Baumann said...

sleeper effect?

...my foot is not falling asleep, but my mind is.