Recovery, class, and Asians

Today marks the begining of a solid week of recovery--that can only mean one thing, lots of roller rides. Hills outside Madison make it tough to get an effective recovery workout in, so indoors it is. At least I have one of them new ipod contraptions to keep the mind occupied while spinning on 3 metallic tubes for hours each day.

Classes began today too....and I found out what anthropology is....it's freaking biology, why didn't anyone tell me! Now I'm stuck remembering the difference between mitosis and meiosis for the rest of the semester. Shucks. Could be interesting though. If biology were not involved.

I'm going to be a tutor this year too--am I smart enough to do that? At least it will pay for collegiate racing this spring, even if I don't have too much to offer about learning calculus.

And lastly: When in Tokyo....

Probably the coolest real photo I've ever seen.

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