Home... is cold

I've forgotten about the bitterness of winter. North Carolina and a mild winter to date has weakened my soul, and today the body suffered in the 18-22 degree temps. Madison is cold, damnit, I don't care how "mild" the winter is.

Nevertheless, Fred was back out on the bike after a nagging knee injury had him out for over a month. It was good to have some company on the ride--no one should have to suffer in the cold alone.

Random thoughts on todays 5 hour ride:

1) Cyclocross bikes rock.
2) Do my hands feel numb or warm, I can't tell?
3) Where is everyone else, I thought Madison riders were hardcore or something?
4) Slingshot makes a great cross bike.
5) George W Bush--"we are aware that AIDS is a huge problem at the White House..."
6) Does cold make my suntan go away?
7) Anthropology, my new class. What the hell is anthropology, anyway?
8) 30 c tires are the shit on my Slingshot cross bike
9) I probably should have bought the right size fender for this bike....oh well, I'll just get wet.
10) I need to go to Europe soon
11) Scratch that, Europe is cold too
12) I need a sponge bath....ahhh, nice
13) Road salt + water = projectile spittle
14) Coffee is best after dinner
15) Maybe that's why I can't sleep at night?
16) Who's going to be strong at Collegiate this year, waite, dallas, freshie, fred, corey, dave...?
17) OSU road race in Freb. is going to hurt like the dickens
18) I can't climb, I can just suffer
19) Hungry....cold.....
20) I wonder if I could make a custom guitar?

Snow tomorrow, that means a dandy ride is on the horizon. Get out there, trainers suck.

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