Reaching, but not falling short

Mmmmmm....shoes......silver shoes....Sidi's are hot.
Also--may I be rocking the Trek Equ inox TTX?

...Is that Marian rocking rollers like my 2 hour spin today?

I'm actually enjoying a recovery week here, I still get to ride every day, it's great! I just have to go extra-super-easy. But that's okay. Hopefully I'll be fresh for a little ABD 10km Indoor TT Action vs. Reid Mumford on Sunday---will the new Trek and Bontrager parts help me beat him?

.....yeah, I'll keep dreaming.


Anonymous said...

Hey, check out your mention in the article in True Sport.com.

Ryan Baumann said...

Cool, thanks for the heads up, there was an article in Cycling News last week too. Not bad for not actually racing at all yet...?