The NC

I'm finally leaving home here--getting ready for the one-and-only road trip, nonetheless.

First it's off to Madtown for 24 hours to clear up some lingering bills, shipping, and rent mumbo jumbo. Then, Saturday, it'll be time to head to Winfield IL with Kyle for some ABD team action and riding. Finally, we'll meet up with Fresh in Racine to prepare for the drive to Columbus, OH on Sunday.

Sunday's ride with be with Gavic and the Abercrombie team down in Columbus. Monday we'll leave for sunny, warm Fayetteville North Carolina, and later in the week up in the mountains to Asheville.

Can you say road trip? The first of many to come this year, keep it up!

--and--oh yes--I may have a camera to update with. Hold on to yer panties folks, its showtime...

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Anonymous said...

Hey, how was ABD? Safe trip to Columbus? miss ya, you know who