The daily grind

Here in Fayetteville, it is warm. Back home in Wisconsin, not so much!

A lot has happened over the past couple of days, but the most important of which is arriving in the Southwest USA for some training miles with Freshie Steve, Gavic, and Kyle Warner of UW Milwaukee. Right now we're slogging away the miles in Fayetteville, North Carolina staying at my aunt and uncle's place. It's the ideal situation right now--we each have our own double bed, our own bedroom, and some of the best food made by the best cook I know. Thanks Aunt Alice!

After Thursday we'll head back to Salem NC for some riding with Mr. Mark Heckmann of the Abercrombie team. According to Gavic, at the team meeting for Abercrombie the guys got to visit the Abercrombie headquarters for a tour--if you could call it that. The Abercrombie place is basically a college campus with hired actors to make it FEEL like a college campus. That idea is so straight out of Hollywood.

Anyways, it's time for dinner, my legs and stomach are ready for food after 4 hours and big gear intervals today!


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Anonymous said...

Hey /ryan and co.-Make sure that you guys are doing some chores to earn your keep, I've seen you guys eat! Hope your weather stays nice!