Me and the Pops + friends enjoying some free coffee

I won the coveted "Most Reflective Outerwear" award here despite not even TRYING. Imagine what a lightbulb I could be if I actually TRIED.....ohhh, scary stuff.

Today was the end of a 4-week training block. I'm pretty happy with how things went so far this season, now it's just 2 more weeks of base training here in Asheville and Fayetteville, and then on to that--yes, that--the LT intervals!

The first team meeting for ABD is coming up very soon, Saturday Jan. 6th. I'm both nervous and excited to meet my teammates for the next year. Leave it to me to come across as a cocky young-gun that wants to do things my way.

What? Why not be a humble meager soul searching for acceptance? I leave that for the girls. Now, you aren't a girl, are you?

No offense to the women out there. But seriously. A girl? No girls rode with us in the freezing rain today for 2 hours. Correction--Mitch Gantz rode with us, so that makes one girl. But normally, no girls. Unless Mitch shows up. Sorry Mitch, it's the legs.

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