Thirty hours

Today wraps up a big week on the bike, time for a day of rest finally!

Fresh, Kyle, Brandon, and I are staying at Mark Heckmann of the Abercrombie team's place. It's really a cool area around Winston-Salem that we are staying in, lots of big rolling hills and some 15-minute climbs that approach the pitch of Mounds Park Road in Blue Mounds. Nice hard riding with some good guys, not bad.

Fresh ripped up a climb today, maybe he's going to time trial awesome too? Scary to think he's a threat in every discipline in the very near future.

I'm sleeping in this 18th century era log cabin--yes, that's the 1700's. Talk about a blast from the past. But it's really slick, and I get my own bed and fresh sheets and towels....yeah, it's the life.

Total trip budget after 8 days--$75, hell yeah!

Oh--and don't do this. Especially with a Wall Mart Camera. Thanks Brandon.

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