You can do it -- Power can help!

Here's to a great season, boys. A little bit of this, a little bit of that....

If you can decipher what that means, it will make a world of difference this season!

Despite the snow today, the spirits are up, and great things are in the works. The coaching stuff is working its way out well, and pretty soon I will be training under an experienced eye. He's kind of preoccupied with some race going on this weekend, though...The Tour of California, that is!

He must be on one of these "tasty" teams, right?

Reasons to Enjoy the Snow
  1. We havn't gotten any yet so far this year (until now, that is!)
  2. Class is cancelled...for everyone at UW schools except Madison
  3. No car traffic on Campus
  4. Sledding down Baskom hill--drop in off Abe's head and remember to duck under the pedestrian sidewalk chains!
  5. Season planning....get those workouts on the trainer ready
  6. A great day to take a nap
  7. XC skiing--slip and slide if ya got em'!
  8. Eat too much pizza, and realize that it won't matter by the time the season starts since you still have an entire month of Base left anyway. At least, that's what you tell yourself.
  9. Time to enjoy the Winter Olympics. Curling is my new favorite pastime, along with World Championship Poker.
  10. Prep the couch (or dorm room chair) for watching the Tour de Cali every evening on ESPN 2 at 8:00pm CT.

I'm out--to study--and to brave the blizzard conditions for a midnight snack.

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