Can you embarrass the Silver USA medalist Lindsey Jacobellis any more, press?


What I look like after trying an inverted 540...or after Jacobellis eats snow!

Training Plan--let's get back on track, eh?

Saturday: 3 hours on the trainer, recovery ride. 1 min acceleration every 10 min to 150% FTP.

Sunday: Benchmark testing. Sprint, 1 min, 5 min, and FT power profile test. Ah yes--it's below zero outside and I'm rockin the bike inside. Smokin some rubber off the tire for a few hours.

Monday: Can you say Base III begins today? 3 hours on the trainer. Stay in 235-250 watt endurance zone for 2 hours of ride. Cadence drills.

Tuesday: Gettin ready for the pain that is to come--Low level LT training. 2.5 hours, w/ 2x20 min 304-330 watt low threshold intervals, followed by 8x1 min, 300-320 watt fast pedaling drills.

Wednesday: Rest. Study for MS & E exam. Get stuff ready for race weekend in Depauw.

Thursday: Back outside, hopefully...longer ride, 4-5 hours. Keep it in the low endurance range for most of the ride, with a repeat 2x20 min LT followed by 8x1 min fast pedaling drills.

Fiday: 2 hours, recovery ride.

Saturday: RACE WEEKEND IN DEPAUW--get some good racing done in the RR. 2 hours of racing, hopefully with a good breakaway effort in for LT training.

Sunday: CRIT IN DEPAUW--stay in the pack, and in the last 10 min make a calculated breakaway and use 5min power numbers to pace effort. Great VO2 workout.

Base III week one projected stats:

  • 16-17 hours ride time
  • 120-150 min in level 4 LT zone
  • 30 min in L5 V02 Max zone

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