Hmmm. How much snow does mother nature want us to get? I guess it just makes up for the last 2.5 months being snow free...Madison WI is scheduled for 10-12+ inches of snow over the next 24 hours.

I pick the best recovery weeks, don't I?

It's going to be COLD COLD COLD for the next five days or so...glad I got 4.5 hours of easy spinning in so far this week at recovery pace. The rest of the week will be on the trainer.I got my book Training and Racing With a Power Meter. Needless to say, my training plan has many "secret weapon intervals" that are about to be implemented over Base III and Build I. And best of all, they can be done on the trainer even if the snow is covering the roads. Bring it, mother nature--just bring it!

The plan for the rest of the week:

Thursday--Spin 1 hour on the trainer, take a nap, study for midterms
Friday--Spin 1.5 hours OUTSIDE on the trainer in Library Mall for the Freezing for Safety fundraiser for UW cycling. Booya!
Saturday--Day off
Sunday--LT TESTING! It's time to reevaluate my LT power. I'm hoping for some good results, and I know I'll get what I deserve.

Monday starts my first week of Base III, probably on the trainer for the first 3 days of the week due to the COLD weather. It's all for good through--I'm sure the temps will turn up by the begining of March for a great spring. Speaking of spring, Spring Break in NC is only 3.5 weeks away! Bring on the miles and the good times, I need a break!

I'm going to go stretch and "the stick" it up a bit. Then to bed, with dreams of a snow day dancing in my head...(yeah, I guess those don't exsist anymore in the real world, eh?)


Sarah Lukas said...

We got hit with a bunch of snow as well...not as much though...This is crazy! I'm not wanting anymore snow...

Now, what is this talking smack about you guys being competition? You should've been on our team to begin with...O well. We will see who ends out on top in October! (Hopefully I can get atleast in the top 15 overall hah..)

Ryan Baumann said...

It's all friendly competition, Sarah...

...until someone gets hurt, that is!

Seriously though, I'm really looking forward to this WORS season because our team will be really pimped out. It's going to be a great year--me, Dallas, Cole, Seth, among others...

I would have joined the formerly dubed "Team Velocity" had my allegience not lied with "Super Clyde" Shawn Hauser back in green bay. And boy, did it pay off this year--we got hooked up with a bunch of great sponsors and a new bike shop!

Unfortunately, I need to buy a Trek Fuel for next year now. Oh well. My Giant XTC will serve me well in the meantime.

Best of luck in Elite!

gregcribb said...

I am sure glad I live in Tucson!! I hate snow and cold!! Don't worry, when it is 110 degrees down here in summer I will be ripping on the people here becouse I will be in Green Bay were the weather is great. Don't you wish you had my lifestyle Ryan?

Ryan Baumann said...

What a question, Cribb! Would I love having perfect weather, sun, a 40 hour a week job, and the best riding in the country year round?


I really need to study my spring semester at S. AZ University next year...