Stuper Bowl

So I heard that the Steelers won the game. Whooo-hooo! The Pack hasn't even been in the game since 97', and I have likewise not cared about the Stuperbowl since 97'. Funny how that works.

On a ever-downward spirialing trend, the commericals during the Bowl were the worst yet so far this decade. Budwiser's Clydesdales may as well be Russell telling Rusty how to take photos, and SierraMist's commerical actors are getting paid more than I will in my entire lifetime.

I've never been so afarid...

You better be in the BIG RING Maciej!

On the training side of things, this past weekend has been pretty slack due to the snow, being in Green Bay, and not having my bike. Friday's ride went kaput thanks to some demanding homework assignemnts due that afternoon, but Saturday was salvaged--snow plowing through the backroads of Oneida and Howard on my Dad's NRS, Cole House and I logged some fun time on the bike. After making a brief "stop" at Stadium Bike, we returned home, threw the bikes in the car, and went back to Stadium to log some trainer miles with Hauser and Mark B (The IL representation on the team). Nothing to fancy went down here--but I was reminded why I like to ride outdoors so much more!

Of course Saturday night was the slick "formerly team 2" banquet at Legends in Depeere. The food was great, I ate too many beef tenderloins, but then again, they were free. There's some compromising to be made there. Shawn "Super-Clyde" Hauser dished out a great season for us all, and he even managed to scrap together some raffle prizes and a ca$h bonus for the end of the year. Way to go Shawn! With that bonus cash I decided to purchase some sweet Maxxis Tires and Pedros Lubes for the season. The offical race tires of 06 will be the Maxxis Crossmark ExCeption 2.1'' and the Maxxis Courchevel 23c clincher, in black/grey. Sweet. You should pick up the same.

Cole House is offically an adult. "Offically". Nice. What's to come next for this kid? He's always riding strong regardless of his training on the bike. He almost nipped me in a sprint on a singlespeed (yes, yes with studded tires) this past Saturday...but that an't going to last long.

The legs felt AMAZING today. I took Sunday off because no one wanted to ride, and, well...it was really cold, windy, and snow was all over the roads. Take a day off, and whattdaya know! I planned on doing 60 min of a M1 tempo interval in preparation for the LT work that is to come in Base III (just 12 days away now...). And I got that interval done, to say the least.

With the PT I was able to see just how good the legs were doing. I averaged over 295 watts for the full 60min, and the lactic acid was nowhere to be seen. My legs just kept churning up, down, and around the rolling hills south of Paoli on Fritz Road. I really had to hold back just to keep myself from making the effort too much in my LT power zone.

And that, my friends, is a VERY good thing...I have a feeling that my first race in Depauw, IN is going to go very well. Good things are to come--stay tuned.

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