Crunch time

4.5 hours of ride time...20 min of Statics discussion missed...0 minutes to spare to get to MFD trip on time...what a day!

What was planned as a good 4 hour base ride "turned" into an exploration of the back roads west of Madison trip. Which was great considering the 45-50 degree, sunny weather we had today ON FEBRUARY 2nd (!!!), except for the fact that I had to be back to my dorm by 4:30 in order to shower, grab a bite to eat, and meet my engineering team at 5:00 pm to visit the MFD.

Freshman Steve ended up coming through in the end, and I managed to TT the last 20 min along Seminole Highway and through the arb--ariving in the nick of time, 4:40pm, at my dorm! Somehow I made it on time to the team site visit, thanks to a beautiful recovery drink mix of Hammer Whey Protein powder, Apple Ciniman Hammer Gel, and 24 oz of water. Delicous!

Check out the MFD...wow, I really can appreciate what these fire fighters do on a daily basis now that I see how their facilites are run. Although they're all gigantic, pudgy, muscular guys, and could never ride a bike uphill, they've got more guts than I ever would. Their gear alone with an axe, oxygen tank, mask, fire suit, and belt weighs well over 100 lbs! Holy crap, I couldn't even move with all that gear on, let along climb up the side of a building on a ladder and try to rescue people.

I let the guy with the axe do all the talking. No use loosing my head over a misguided dispute with absolute authority!

I'm tired. 4.5 hours of riding today with 25 min of TT'ing at the end of the ride wore me out. I've got a good deal of homework to do before heading home tommorow afternoon, so I need my rest. Next post will be from my home base in GB--see ya there!

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