Stick it to me

Ahhh...Roberto Heras finally gets reimbursed for his "EPO" scandal. I'm so sad.
Unlike Heras, I've been busting my ass on the bike to celebrate the last week of Base II. Tuesday I got out after calc class for 4 hours of base riding through some hills. Not REAL hills yet, but they're slowly getting there. I found this sweet gravel cattle road that switchbacks it's way up a steep >12% hill--I wish I had my camera! Maybe next time. I threw in 6 sprints to keep the legs warm, focusing on keeping the cadence and power high. My sprint has a ways to go before I'm bagging races left and right, but I'm working on it one step at a time.
Today, after a hefty classload (and with 4 hours of lab work still to do in the evening), I headed out for another spin southeast of Mad Town towards Goodland Park. This route is nothing to really talk about...it was windy, cloudy, and kinda cold. Another 60 min of M1 tempo I threw in to keep the body warm, and the mind ready for the LT work to come.
Class is starting to take too much time--I need to train too, you know (hint hint, prof Gomez!). I've got just enough time in the day to go to class, ride, eat, study, and sleep. Keeps me focused and on task, if nothing else.
NOTE TO SLEF: Never refer to a group of femmenists as "guys". They'll get more pissed that a mamma bear protecting it's cubs. Watch out!
Tommorow has more riding and studying on the agenda...trying to get 4-5 hours in of base time if the weather holds out. Throw in 2 hours Friday, and 4-5 hours Saturday and I can say bye-bye to Base II. I'm on to bigger and better things.
Time to get some rest. Nighty-night.

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