Long miles, cold feet, Ebay, and life as I know it

I've caved in--I'm finally a Facebook.com member. But fortunately for you, unless you go to UW Madison, you can't even access my profile, and you probably don't care either way.

Lucky. Sooooo lucky.

Whew--I racked up some good miles on the Fuji Professional today out in the steep, rolling hills west of Madison. Freshman Steve joined me for the endurance fest. As usual, we completely loose track of time, and before we know it, 5 hours of riding went down. Sweet. The legs are feeling the miles finally, but in a good way.

I really need some Craft cold weather gear for stylish winter riding...and I happen to have a connection right now. What should I get?

Hmmmm....I'll take a:

S3 Long sleeve wind crew

Pro Glove liner, Gore Tex approved!
Gore Windstopper Thermal Jacket
Thermal bib tights
Pro Cool sleeveless base (for those 100 degree 99% humidity days...)

And of couse a "so-pro" beanie to complete the kit...in matching UW colors.

Not bad!

Now that my Ebay auctions have FINALLY been paid for, I think I can scrounge up enough cash for the winter riding kit. Unfortunately I'm looking forward to warmer weather right now, but it's never too early to prepare for...next year!

What do you think of this stuff? I may pick some up next time I'm at Cops.

Life is going good right now, as you may have guessed. Today I have:

  1. Slept in until 8:30 am (yes, I got 9 hours of sleep)
  2. Went to a calc and statics lecture for 2.5 hours
  3. Took a 5 hour base ride through some amazingly "undulating" Madison terrain
  4. Ate a great pasta/bean chili dinner with friends
  5. Emailed the Brazen Droupots team about getting our jersey's picked up this weekend.
  6. Checked the blog scence
  7. Plan to do some homework

Is there really anything to complain about? And to think that I almost thought today was going to be "one of those days...".

Enjoy the day--I certainly have.


Waite For It said...

I recommend the pom juice...very tasty. I enjoy the pom with blueberry...

Ryan Baumann said...

Mmmm...noting like Blueberry goodness. I'll give it a shot.

You'll see the blueberry stains on my tounge during the riding season, no doubt!