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My possible final race schedule for 2006.

A little bit of this, a little bit of that....a new grocery store is in town. I will be healthy while in Madison, that's for sure. And I'll still have enough cash to race with. Lovin' it!

I have a new coach lined up for the season...yes, I know, I was coaching myself. But this is a guy that I admire, and he's offering to do it for the experience instead of the money. It's an oppertunity that I just can't pass up. Who is it, you may ask? He's racing here in a few weeks...
More to come on this topic in the next week. It's gonna be good, no doubt!

Ride today was schweet, as usual. Me, Fresh Steve, Dave "Da Mans Man" Stabb, Freddy, and Matt "brain freeze" Holecko showed up for some Blue Mounds ridin' fun. We stopped in Blue Mounds at the local Citgo station for a quick refuel and potty break--and I picked up the best mid-ride snack yet so far this year--a bannana and 12 oz of fresh, hot coffee. Unlike Fresh Steve's King Size Snickers, Apple Pie, and Cliff Bar snack, my bannana and coffee satisyied the stomach and fueled the legs. Damn, I felt great the entire ride back to Mad Town.

The PT kicked out on me in the cold again, so the power data was kaput today. Somewhere between 4-5 hours of riding fun went down, with plenty of hills to boot.


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I like Trader Joe's alot. They have a lot of free food samples.

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