Enjoyin' the rings

Ahhh....today's ride was great for the body, mind, and soul. 3 hours of recovery spinning at high cadence, mostly drafting the group and shooting the breeze. Ah yes, recovery is here!

Right now I'm enjoying a sweet hard-boiled egg sammy and a bowl of oatmeal + honey for my recovery meal. Mmmmm, I love oatmeal. Some say that you can't eat oatmeal every day. They are wrong. Oatmeal is a delicous, textury treat that is a great meal any time of day.

Like any good US citizen I tuned into the Olympics to cheer on our athletes. A few observations I had:
  1. XC Skiing is very exciting (at least the persuit event).
  2. No wonder XC skiiers have huge V02 max's...crap, they can CLIMB FAST!
  3. Not all skiers have small twig-type bodies like cyclsts. Why is that?
  4. Figure skating is the all-american winter sport (and perfect example of the metrosexualization of the nation).
  5. Speed skating is for Nascar fans, but cyclists are allowed to watch because it resembels Crit racing.
  6. Apolo Anton Ohno's gotee has engulfed his entire face. Style is everything!

I just heard on the news that Dick Cheny "accidentially" SHOT one of his fellow hunting buddies while quail hunting. Does Dick Cheney accidentally do anything? $10 bucks says it was a political move designed to scare his opposition.

Ah, America....ah, the olympics....ah, recovery.

Time to study. Enjoy the day, while I enjoy my egg sammy.

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