I'm so RAD

There comes a point when we have to make a decision...is it a sport, or is it a game?

Are these men athletes, in the same leauge as cyclists, alpine skiiers, marathoners, and tennis players?

Or are these men more like poker players, solitare masters, and pool sharks?

You know what I think....this is what I resort to when I have a day off the bike. What to do, what to do? I've already cleaned and spiffed up the Fuji for tommorow's spin. I've checked over all the nuts, bolts, and bearings in the components. I degreased and lubed the drivetrain so it slides quietly and quickly into each gear...

Want to blog just about the Torino Olympics? Here you go!

I've been watching some cycling.tv lately, analyzing the tactics and just enjoying the race highlights from the 05 season. Some things I've noticed:
  1. Most teams work AMAZINGLY well together, despite being blinded in the peleton and not getting the "birds eye" view that us TV viewers always enjoy. Is the team director just that good that he/she can radio to the team where to be, and when to be there?
  2. Solo breakaways are the most fun to watch. Especially when you know the guy is going to get caught right at the line! The expression on his face is priceless when the field swarms him in the final km...
  3. 5th position back in the leadout for a sprint is too far, 3rd position is too close. 4th is perfect.
  4. Robbie McEwen is one hell of a sprinter. 4 races that ended in a sprint...4 wins for Robbie.

God I'm hungry today. The recovery thing is finally kicking in.

Not much else to say right now...I can't wait to feel great on the bike again at the end of the week! Matt Waite has his first Italian race in Pasta Land tommorow, wish him luck against all the raging Euro's!


Jordan Peterson said...

Everything is a sport if you make money doing it and especially if I made the Olympics...

Jordan Peterson said...

it*** sorry!